Friday, April 16, 2010

Cannnnet Hear a Whisper on Last Word

Well the much ballyhooed announcement of films at Cannes this year seem to omit much of Scotland, again. bleh! The whole of UK and US too for that matter have a limited showing (good films but still). Notable of course to me was the omission of David Mackenzie's The Last Word. alas. However ever optimistic fan I am, am hoping this means they still might announce later or more like likely, the movie might screen at Edinburgh which would be fab.u.lous (or London/Venice/Toronto/one of ten trillion out there) so hope remains!

There was a brief mention of Last Word today by means of a new interview with the star, Ewan McGregor who spoke about working with his uncle on the film. Quotage:

Since completing The Ghost, Ewan has been able to fulfil an ambition to work with his uncle Denis Lawson, whose exploits in the original Star Wars movies inspired his young nephew back in Crieff, Scotland.“I love him to death and he is the only person I ever turn to if I need to speak about work.

“I went to start work on The Last Word with David Mackenzie, who I made Young Adam with. I play a chef and there was a nice relationship with the owner of the restaurant. I could just see me and my uncle in those parts together. I suggested it as many times as I felt was polite because it had to be David’s decision.“It was just lovely to be on set with him and playing two Scottish characters in Scotland.”

Finally as a follow to the post below, Savalas Sound continues with ADR work in Paris for stars Eva Green and Stephane Dillane, as well as locally with Ewen Bremner and Caroline Patterson. Also FILM CITY GLASGOW IS NOW ON TWITTER!!! yayay~

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