Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rumor Alert: Sigma to Produce New "Citadel" Horror Film; Filming Due in July?

Rumor alert today, regarding a possible new production from Sigma. Often new projects are bandied about on websites and take ages (if ever) to come to light. That said, word has it that Sigma Films will be co-producing a brand new horror film called "Citadel." Directed by Ireland's own Ciaran Foy (also one of the directors tapped for the Advance Party II series) this possible new film will be produced by Katie Holly of Blinder films along with Sigma's own founder Gillian Berrie and producer Brian Coffey (I Love Luci). This report says the team will be at Cannes with filming due to begin this summer in July (Note: IMDB says this film is already in post which is dubious). So no idea if this is part of the Advance Party, a sep Sigma production or what is happening with this....thus...PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: This has NOT yet been officially confirmed, and will update with more when possible.

The summary (spoilerish!) as follows:

Citadel is pure terror. Gangs of feral teenagers prowl a dark urban landscape, terrorising society. Always concealed beneath hooded tops, they are silent, fast and unimaginably violent. They attack innocent adults with septic syringes, and abduct small children to swell their ranks. Edenstown is truly the council estate from Hell, home only to those with no other choice. Abandoned by the police, the community that remains is plagued by a brutal and growing teenage population that few truly understand. Emerging at night, the gangs attack indiscriminately, but are especially drawn to anyone showing fear - in fact they can see it. When Tommy's wife Joanne is viciously attacked it turns his world upside down. Not only is Joanne left in a coma, but Tommy suffers crippling agoraphobia, rendering him housebound and barely able to look after their infant daughter Elsa. When Joanne finally loses her battle and slips away, Tommy is devastated but at least he now has the opportunity to leave the violent and lawless suburb for good. He meets Marie, a nurse from the hospice, and with her help he tries to overcome his debilitating condition and learn to love his daughter.
Before he can escape however, Tommy's worst nightmare comes true - Elsa is kidnapped.
In order to save his daughter, with the help of a vigilante priest who understands the horrific truth about the gangs, Tommy must now face his greatest fear and walk into the lion's den itself - the place where the feral teenagers reside - an abandoned tower block called the Citadel.

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