Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Tweet of News on Progress with The Last Word

Sometimes no news is good news, but there is nothing better than an unexpected, peep, word, a note, a brief update out of the blue on something you've been anxious this case several tweets about progress on David Mackenzie's upcoming The Last Word!

Part of the original Trifecta of super at Film City Glasgow (along with Sigma Films and Serious Facilities) I was thrilled to discover the excellent Savalas Sound is now on Twitter,woot! and better yet, they've updated on their progress as the highly anticipated film from Sigma and David is now well into post-production. Of note, listen up Ewan fans ;) came the following:

April 8 "Last night we connected to a studio in LA to record Ewan McGregor's ADR for Last Word. "
hell yea!

For those of us who are really interested in how they actually make quality films, it was also with grateful eyes I read these other pieces of news:

"We're recording foley for David Mackenzie's new feature The Last Word. It's mostly salmon slapping, watermelon munching and lemon twisting....Today at Savalas, Welcome to Lagos nears it's conclusion and the Last Word dialogue edit, foley and sound design continue at a frantic pace."

Be sure to follow Savalas HERE and you can learn more about the very fine work this company does here at this link! THANKS SO MUCH to those at Savalas for sharing this good news with us on Twitter! :)

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