Tuesday, April 6, 2010

US to see DVD Release of New Town Killers with Alastair Mackenzie

The US will finally see an official DVD release of Richard Jobson's New Town Killers starring Sigma Films co-founder, actor Alastair Mackenzie. While released last fall in the UK, the US will see the DVD released on MAY 25 with pre-orders available here. Bonus: Thanks to the very fine cinematographer Simon Dennis, we can see this great and intense clip of Alastair along with co-star Dougray Scott in New Town Killers.

New Town Killers - Rooftop from si dennis on Vimeo.

As a reminder, Al was the featured actor in the season opener of Murdoch Mysteries, which is out on DVD May 4
(Just because, reminder too May is a good month for the wonderful Mackenzie brothers as David will see the UK DVD release of his film Spread on May 17)
Finally, according to his IMDB page Alastair has apparently been doing some voice work for the video game Bio Shock 2, but no idea what this is, how much you can hear him or what the deal is with this, sorry.

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  1. I did a recent blog piece on Scottish films linked to a LEith based magazine and had planned to add this film due to the port of leith scene. I never did but hopefully I can write something on it in the future.

    here's the link if you're interested: