Thursday, March 25, 2010

From the Heart of Luci: Scottish Screen Feature with Colin Kennedy

I know I often prattle on a ridiculous amount, often in fairly overboard ridiculous fashion, about things I care about, things that appeal or whatever including certain actors certainly Sigma, and most especially, the work of Colin Kennedy. Some things can be ridiculous yes, but sometimes there is a sweet and wonderful truth behind them. Long time readers will well know that Colin has written and directed a short film that is getting rave reviews and doing well on the festival scene. In their final issue, Roughcuts from Scottish Screen contains a feature on I LOVE LUCI, written by Colin. I dont need to coo or ramble on or give much insight save to say sometimes it's really true how the smallest things in life can make the biggest difference. A simple note of keep your chin up, or hey thanks for this, or even when simply watching life go by. Once in a while you can see light even in the most serious of settings, even finding a story which ordinarily might be serious and perhap ridiculous and finding the love and light and laughter within. At this link (PDF download available as well) or here you can read for yourselves how Colin saw the heart and humor to bring Luci to life and most of all, the heart to carry through. Thanks for sharing this with us Colin!

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