Thursday, March 4, 2010

Video: Film and Glasgow for the Future

Recently there have been several tidbits of news regarding the film industry in Scotland, notably the growing importance of Glasgow as a centre for the industry. Following on the heels of the much hyped Gerry Butler as Ambassador for the GFO, but with little detail on what exactly this actually meant and what would tangibly be done, it seems last week the Evening Times gave us a glimpse of the future. The future, one year ahead that is as the paper stated "‘Glasgow: Cinema City’ project, is currently being developed by the organisers of Glasgow Film Festival and will be launched at next year’s event.It will promote the city’s calendar of film events and historic movie links and sell Glasgow to visitors as “a city in love with the silver screen”.VisitScotland regional director David Adams McGilp said: “The Cinema City project is an inspired idea, uniting Glasgow’s heritage as a film-going city with its more recent reputation for cultural richness and its success establishing a popular, audience-focused film festival. We are delighted to support it.”

While we may have to wait a year to see all of this put into motion, in the meantime promotions are out there right now, including the most recent brochure from Scottish Screen which highlights many of the wonderful facilities Glasgow has to offer for filmmakers, including FILM CITY GLASGOW. Founded by the superb and Sigma Films' own Gillian Berrie, for those who have not yet seen this video, you can hear straight from Tiernan Kelly, head man at FCG here :)))

Also of interest is this clip from one of the occupants at FCG, Savalas Sound which has done so much work on Sigma Films among others.

While waiting a whole year to see this campaign begin in earnest, it's been quite encouraging to see David Mackenzie's Last Word hyped a bit of late. Many publications and blogs (including Screen Daily etc) are mentioning Last Word as a candidate for Cannes. While I personally think its a great fit, I also hope it gets to screen at Edinburgh this year too, but more importantly I just want it to sell and show on screens in the UK , US and well EVERYWHERE lol :D Poor Ewan, who has recently concluded his latest gauntlet for the ghost, was asked by a few actual thinking journalists about other films including Last Word, one reply which went as follows:

It was also nice working with David MacKenzie last year in Scotland on The Last Word, which was really low budget. Then I came back to L.A. and made a film with Mike Mills called Beginners, and that was super, super low budget. Those two films were in a way as rewarding as anything I’ve ever done. Sometimes, because there’s no budget, your filmmaking has to become much cleverer because you can’t spend a day shooting a scene from every angle. You have to shoot five scenes in a day, so the filmmaking becomes much more exciting. You have to get much more creative with the filmmaking, and that ends up on screen. There’s an energy that it produces that I really like. There are no rules to it. I’m really lucky that I’m able to dance in and out of both really.

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