Sunday, March 21, 2010

Buzz Continues for David Mackenzie's Last Word and Cannes

With the change of seasons comes fresh rumor and speculation regarding the approaching Cannes Film Festival, with mentions again of David Mackenzie's "The Last Word," starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green. The newest Sigma Films production, on many of the years most anticipated lists, has been mentioned before about a possible screening at the vaunted film festival in France, with the Herald today also citing the possible appearance of three Scottish films including Last Word as well as the superb Peter Mullan and his new film Neds as well as Kevin MacDonald's Eagle of the Ninth. Full quotage including comments from a rep from Sigma are as follows:

Across the globe film-makers will spend the next month finishing movies in the hope of being selected for Cannes. The trio of Scottish films are all in post-production. Probably the tightest turnaround will be for The Last Word. A “story about two people who fall in love just as the world starts falling apart”, it is set in a city where a pandemic is causing people to lose their senses. The movie was filmed in Glasgow, co-produced with Scotland’s Sigma Films, and was supported by Scottish Screen.

When contacted, Sigma Films staff were cautious about aiming for a berth at Cannes. They have just finished the editing process.“There is a long way to go,” said a spokesman. “Whether or not we’re going to be there is not something we are working towards. We are working towards finishing the film. It’s nice that people think we may appear in Cannes, but we won’t know until the next four weeks what is going to happen.

Ewan McGregor and David Mackenzie have pedigree in Cannes together. Their last collaboration Young Adam, a tale of grimy sex and betrayal on the Clyde, was an official selection in 2003...

“We are absolutely delighted that three Scottish films, two supported by Scottish Screen, are being talked about for Cannes,” said Carole Sheridan, head of talent and creativity.“These are great films by fantastic film-makers. They all deserve to be there and we wish them all very good luck. This could indeed be one of the best years yet for Scottish films.“It is an indication of the flourishing and maturing film industry in Scotland that our films are increasing their overseas presence.”

Stay tuned, more on this possible inclusion at Cannes as we get it!

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