Monday, March 8, 2010

First Look: Jamie Sives in "Clash of the Titans," New Clip from Valhalla

Thanks ever so much to those who sent confirmation: Official! First Look at Scottish actor Jamie Sives in the upcoming Clash of the Titans.

As reported previously, Jamie appears in Clash as "Commander" and you can see the high quality video of this on the official website for the film, here or download HD from Moviefone here. Opens April 2nd (3d to boot!)

On a related note, there is a new clip online of Jamie in Valhalla Rising. As confirmed on the official FB page, the film will open April 30 in US, but the DVD is due out before that. There are multiple copies of the DVD all over the net of course (same for Triage which is also already on DVD in several places now apparently in Russia) I have a shameful confession to make. This lost weekend, prompted by the consummation of an entire bottle of vodka, I watched one streaming (yes streaming live on the net) of VH. Dubbed in Greek. Yes. If the film was already vague enough, try watching it drunk as fuck in another language, esp where tis wretched and badly done so you get background actors still speaking with their Scots accent and badly synched Greek! I have no idea what the hell I just watched, but I wont be seeing this in theatres Im afraid although there is sooo much Jamie-and will just wait to legally buy the english DVD and try again. sober. lol. On the bright side, here is a legally released clip with Jamie and his co-star from Wilbur and Clash, the ever fabulous Mads Mikkelsen

*I should point out that these streaming videos of both films are WRONG and very hurtful for the entire cast and crew. I do not advocate this in any shape or manner and damm straight should not have watched it, but I was feeling sad and low and so I did. no excuse and it was wrong. and still most offended at the crap bs marketing being done to try and hook US audiences to go see VH which will backfire terribly but I digress.

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  1. hahah! watching a movie in greek while drunk sounds like loads of fun!
    just watched that clip and forgot it was just a clip. i was so sad when it was over, i was getting into it! i soooo can't wait to watch it.. but i'm currently living in mexico so i have NO idea when i'll get to see it... unless i buy it whenever i go back to the us. i wanna see it now though!