Sunday, June 15, 2008

Show Me Some Jamie Sives!

ahhh tis hot in the city, sex in the city is everywhere and oho there's hot Jamie Sives to heat up the tv too this summer! yeah! Showtime, purveyors of gloriously trashy smutty and deliciously original and sexy programming has now picked up ITN's program "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" starring Billie Piper.

The reason this is of note is that my favorite actor Jamie Sives (Sigma films Hallam Foe, Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself)is in one (or two) of the episodes due to air in the next few weeks. The show premieres on the cable station tomorrow, June 16, with Jamie's episode to air on June 23 at 10:30 pm.

Now the whole premise of this show is that Billie Piper's character is a high price prostitute in London. The second episode is where her character (sporting the most ridiculous of wigs and attire) attends a private sex party/orgy, you know the overly staged type of thing full of genetically perfect people eager for all type of sex that exists mostly in fevered imaginations, campy chic-lit books, movies like Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, or of course, campy shows like Call girl. At the party, Billie hooks up briefly with Jamie and his wife for one very hot yet short scene. alas. as her character turns them down and off they go. heh noooo way would I turn Jamie down (not that in one zillion years hed ever be remotely interested! lol) but still such a sexy scene. *needs cold shower lol* You can watch this scene via this link on youtube, thanks to whoever uploaded that!, no sure, but I believe you must be 18 and older and have to verify your birthdate for this one? On a related note of sorts, Ive had several opportunities to interview director Alfonso Cuaron, and once we talked at length about filming and the importance of including scenes like the infamous sex scene with the two normal looking guys and girl in his excellent Y tu mama tambien. (trailer here) Like David Mackenzie, Alfonso Cuaron (an incredible flirt btw-oy!) has no fear of shooting original sexy and provocative scenes, and is truly a future master filmmaker -I think he is already one but there is still so much wonderful work ahead.

Anyway, while mildly enjoyable I guess, frankly the whole Call Girl series is typically fluffy shallow low brow ITN fare. I mean, I know they are a huge broadcaster in the UK, and I have quite candidly been interview by them several times in the past (and heh I was the one who flirted shamelessly this time with a most yummy cameraman there last summer-great fun, love the English! woo) but still, this is not the type of Emmy deserving entertainment. Blather aside, if you are in the mood for some light entertainment of the sexy camp variety then this show (TV MA) is for you.

This is not the first time Jamie has worked with Billie Piper of course, as he was a guest star on the equally fun Dr. Who. Starring in a really popular episode called "Tooth and Claw" Jamie, sporting some loopy pseudo mutton chops in this, plays a member of Queen Victoria's guard, where he meets a brutal end at the hands of a Werewolf (yea I know, but it's Dr. Who, you just have to go with it) While there is this hilarious condensed version of the entire show, below is a great scene, starting with the awesome David Tennant and Billie, where they meet Jamie in the highlands of Scotland (more likely the coast of England lol but it's such great fun. Enjoy!)

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