Monday, June 9, 2008

New Behind the Scenes Footage of Hallam Foe Featuring Jamie Bell, Claire Forlani and Ciaran Hinds

Another great treat for us today, courtesy of the wonderful 4cSlater who has posted some fabulous new behind the scenes footage of the making of Hallam Foe. In the video, you can see some top notch stuff of Jamie Bell(Hallam) at work with Claire Forlani (Verity) goofing around at that freezing loch, then later in the heated pool to shoot those intense scenes from the later part of the movie. Also new is footage of Ciaran Hinds (Julius Foe) at work with Claire and Jamie, filming some of the scenes at the hotel, so fun to watch an actual scene being made-just aces!

In addition there are lots of comments from director David Mackenzie, and also his director of photography Giles Nuttegens -this also seems to be shot the day that is reflected in that Kodak article about that was posted in Dec 06 during the course of filming on Get your people. Dunno if all of this wonderful footage was filmed by the Getyourpeople blogger Colin Kennedy (who made the four (Mister) Hallam Foe podcasts that are available on iTunes), nonetheless, it is a real treat for us to see today I think.

JAMIE BELL=Adorable, funny, talented as exhibited time and time again during the snippets of behind the scenes filming, the stuff of him as Hallam flinging down out of the trees is great. The last part is also hilarious-love you Jamie! Thanks so much to 4c for the constant vigilance and dedication in finding these great nuggets for all of us loyal fans!

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