Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mister Foe US Release Date Set for Late August/September

Here we go again...let's spin that wheel o' mysterious theatrical release dates for Mister (Hallam) Foe and what do we get today.... September 1, 2008.
But wait-another spin says August, 2008.


fangirls highly jaded eye says... Do not pass go. Do not collect the 10.50 for theater tickets. Do not collect badger hats, Jamie Bell posters, nor kick ass Hallam Foe soundtracks until this fall (As wonderful as their music is, just dont bother to contact Domino to see if they will release it here in US cause they are ten times worse at not bothering to answer mails. Besides you can buy import or ebay is always handy). Do not believe this possible release date for Mister Foe until your local movie theater actually has the tickets for purchase and if they yank this once again, by all means call and complain. I surely will. Makes me a bitch, but there you go. I think I'm bout one of ten people that still care over here. This whole thing blows sucks and Im pretty discouraged and disappointed but life is like that for me a lot these days. whatever. no one cares, but in terms of the financial success of this movie here in the states, I genuinely feel this rollout has been badly handled to this point and honestly deserved a bit better than this.

Lesson to learn here: Distributors meet the PR folks. Talking is fun. Coordinating is easy to do. way cool. give it a go. you will be amazed at what happens when same date is written on a paper that everyone has and can read. Fabulous.

Meantime, for those yearning for Jamie, Jumper is out this week on DVD, available at stores everywhere, iTunes and clips o plenty are on Yahoo and esp the Yahoo UK site, plus there is always youtube. had a cute short interview with Jamie, which reminded me why I love his work so much, when he answered about what types of films he likes : "I much prefer the smaller, independent films, following a linear story about a person. Those character-driven films are much more interesting to me. I also find it much more rewarding.

Just like Hallam Foe! :)))

I love the behind the scenes stuff, and yay for PuzzlewithPans /Desiring Hayden for this new pic of Jamie is messing with the camera. Reminds me of when he took over filming that Hallam Foe blogger screener session in London I missed, when he recorded Colin Kennedy and Hugh (Thank god Gia asked that question, cause not only did we get to hear a rare bit from Colin, the ending was adorable). So very funny. LOVE YOU JAMIE

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  1. I think you should start a poll - which movie do folks think/believe will open in the US FIRST - M. Foe? or Spread?