Friday, June 20, 2008

Katie Dickie Attends Premiere of Somers Town, EIFF

Ah she is so cool! Actress Katie Dickie attended the premiere of her latest film "Somers Town," today at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Posing for pics (a few wire photos here at my flickr , more here via EIFF official website)she attended the event with director Shane Meadows.The film is generating some good buzz and got some good early reviews ex here from, The Herald, The Scotsman to start with, and I really like with this line from Future Movies who wrote "I propose that the best way to spend Saturday afternoon is bathing in the warm glow of Shane Meadows’ new film Somers Town." Now, if they will only PLEASE start revealing more about Katie and the upcoming Rounding Up Donkeys!!

More disappointing however is the very early reaction to The Stone of Destiny-just so so reviews online for folks to read so far. Despite this very nice video piece from the BBC on the originals who pulled off the caper back in the 50's, not sure if the movie is meeting expectations. (plus while I wasnt there for it, I heard multiple times the press screening earlier this week had 'issues' like sound or hassles on getting in, plus lots of grumbling before about the limits put on folks with the Edge of Love press meetings, as seen in this I must say SPOT ON column from the BBC about normal red carpet coverage, or at least matches what Ive experienced here in the States before, dunno how accurate it is about the events at The Edge of Love premiere-btw Keira looked glum as hell in all those pics-dunno if being there with her mum did it but it looked like she totally was not having fun at all and I could care less about Siennas totally intended to generate tabloid coverage love life lol ) Regardless, early word is the film is only average, with the Herald calling it "baloney" ouch! and EdinburghGuide saying :

But the suspicion that a largely canadian production - writer-director Charles Martin Smith and much of his team are based in Vancouver, Canada - would have trouble getting under the skin of the Scottish nationalist psyche, is confirmed. It feels too much like an outsider looking in and comes off as a pretty-looking story, tugging a little too insistently at nationalist heart-strings.

Holding out for my own judgment later

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