Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Jump into June

Tis June now, lets see what's on the near horizon this month:

*MISTER FOE.... is harder than hell to find that is sure. Frankly, if you were hoping to see this elusive man anytime soon, don't hold your breath. It had been widely reported (among the widely reported various release dates) this film was to open Friday at the Angelika in New York but lo and behold its Wednesday and NO TICKETS to this movie or any mention of it are anywhere to be found at that website.pffft. Perhaps magically all will be revealed in the coming hours but I wont be catching it this weekend in the big apple it would seem. pity that. to say the least. No one, including the filmmakers know for certain on the release date, so perhaps September it will be in theaters but at this point, things look fairly dismal for our friend mister foe.

In the meantime if you are hankering for Hallam, do go revisit the original Hallam Foe/get your people blog, watch clips and colin's podcasts and other interview via iTunes-free and available for most countries- or visit the original film site, listen to samples of the soundtrack on the MySpace page (no idea if it will ever be available for download here in US- I ordered it just fine though from Domino UK, and the shipping was entirely reasonable )plus be sure to check out the various Jamie Bell, Sophia Myles, Ciaran Hinds fan sites for more.

* JUMPER Dvd: Due to be released June 10, it's just about everywhere already for download heh and thanks to the ever vigilant Puzzle with Pans, you can see a new photo of Jamie Bell in New York yesterday for a photo shoot for the DVD release. I probably wont be buying this, but it will be available on iTunes to rent too (and I see now the UK is also getting this option finally. It will be a great day indeed though when all countries will be able to access these things more readily through a commercial venue so filmmakers don't loose out. Too much to hope I guess that Hallam Foe will ever make it here for download either alas.

*Edinburgh International Film Festival: June 18-29
While no film from Sigma specifically opening/screening alas at the festival this year, there are plenty of good things playing, including:

- The Edge of Love: Yes ok its got Keira Knightley and Cillian Murphy , but the best part is that Sigma Film's co founder and actor Alastair Mackenzie is in this film which will be screened opening night.

- Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day: Already out here in the US, this film is just lovely, and stars the ever wonderful Frances McDormand, along with Ciaran Hinds (Hallam Foe) of course and Shirley Henderson (Wilbur, Harry Potter) who continues to turn in solid performances in every single film she does, just top notch. (trailer and clips here via Yahoo movies)

-Summer: This was not on my agenda, but according to her agent's website, the wonderful KATIE DICKIE is in this film! Katie (who of course will be seen in the second Advance Party film, Rounding up Donkeys where she will reprise her role as Jackie from Red Road) is also apparently in Shane Meadows new film "Somers Town," which I hadn't realised either, but this movie which is already generating some good early buzz, will hopefully be better now that I know Katie is in it lol- ok so not a critical objective reaction, tis the fangirl in me, sad I know but I don't care, Katie is great and someday she will be up there getting the Oscar and recognition she deserves.

-The Stone of Destiny: Yep totally not Sigma related at all, but I am really keen on this and now I see where the movie got picked up for distribution in the UK by Sky Odeon, which is fantastic news for small independent films like this. Earlier it was noted the film screened at Cannes and was part of the Scottish Day at the film festival, where it apparently was met warmly. The Arborath Herald reports :A spokesman for Scottish Screen explained that screenings to potential buyers at the Cannes Film Festival had proven to be a real success. And audiences even applauded the film - an uncommon occurrence with the audiences typically found at Cannes. Director Charles Martin Smith was quoted as say that the response to the film has been excellent. He noted the wonderful, emotional response that the film has received before adding his delight that Sky Odeon have signed a deal to distribute the movie across the UK.

-Faintheart: Viva and power to the geeks is all I have to say. This film looks fabulous, and as noted on the EIFFFFFFFF site, tis complete with an intro from the always fabulous Ewan Bremner (Hallam Foe) so rock on to MySpace, fan driven films.

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