Saturday, June 7, 2008

Serious Facilities Excellent Irn Bru Commercial

OK so this is random, but someone hilariously sent me a link here, featuring a commercial for IRN Bru, suggesting it would help me recover from my recent binge. LOL thank you!

I also checked this out and it turns out that, according to the Guardian, not only does this commercial feature a voice over from Martin Compston (Sigma's Red Road, upcoming Rounding up Donkeys), but was also made by the fine folks at Serious Facilities, who of course are part of the Trifecta of S at Film City Glasgow. As noted on the site "Beautiful directed by the unstoppable Martin Wedderburn, creating stylish vignettes of a clever slant on Scottish Life. Needless to say we love this ad and we hope you do too. Edited by Simon, VFX by Bren."

WELL DONE WELL DONE INDEED! to all involved. So funny! I realise now this has been out a few weeks and Im slow on the uptake again, but this gave me a much needed laugh today, so many thanks for the heads up!

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