Wednesday, June 18, 2008

By Gosh By Golly, It's Great Casting News for "Valhalla Rising"

Calling all Boglies! Monarch of the Glen,( Glenbogle)fans that is! Great news today as it was revealed over the weekend that actor Alexander (Sandy) Morton, beloved for his role as Golly the gamekeeper in Monarch, has now joined the cast of "Valhalla Rising" woo! This is great as he is a solid Scottish actor to be certain, and I'm quite pleased to learn this news! Here is an old press release from the BBC on his role as Golly in Monarch :note this is a pdf link)

The Scotsman reports that Sandy will be playing the role of a father in the new viking film from Nicolas Winding Refn currently due to begin production shortly along the coast of Scotland, and is based out of Film City Glasgow this summer. There is also great news that a "making of " documentary for the DVD is forthcoming and is currently being shot. This of course is awesome news, for Sandy is joining the cast that already has Mads Mikkelsen and Jamie Sives, , so lets hope there is loads of extra footage/goodies for goofball fans like me to drool over.

Speaking of drooling I'm sure there will be plenty people gaga over the over casting news as a beautiful Scottish model named Lauren Tempany has now joined the cast. This casting was brought about by casting director Des Hamilton (who has worked frequently with Sigma Films in the past) as the director was so taken with her,he wrote a part especially for the fledgingly actress. Quotage:

Tempany caught the eye of Scottish casting director Des Hamilton, whose previous discoveries include Kathleen McDermott, whom he spotted out shopping in Glasgow's Argyle Street and put forward for a major role in the 2002 film Morvern Callar.

"There's a making-of documentary being made around Valhalla and they asked me if I had met any young girls who were interesting," said Hamilton."I saw a photograph of Lauren and thought she was interesting and I met her. I introduced her to Nicolas and they got back in touch with her and she is now in the movie."

"I couldn't believe it," said Tempany. "But I am absolutely thrilled, especially to do a film in Scotland. It's a great movie and it's got a great cast." The paper also notes Tempany will play the daughter of a local Scottish chieftain who keeps Mikkelsen's character as a slave.

She has hoped to break into acting for some time.

"It's just been totally last minute," she said, shortly after being fitted for her costumes in Glasgow. "I've just heard in the past week that he's actually written a part for me, so I am totally, totally thrilled. I am just like – wow!"

WOW indeed-how cool and good for her. Roll on Valhalla Rising news!

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