Monday, February 4, 2008

Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' Luci

Happy Hallam Foe DVD Day! I've yet to order mine yet, but I hope to soon. In the meantime I was thrilled today to see there was fun new blog entry on the I Love Luci production blog written by Colin Kennedy of Sigma Films.

I Love Luci is the name of a new short written and directed by the man who is the primary author of the Hallam Foe/Sigma Films blog, and Colin is currently off in France to secure funds for this new film. While I am uncertain if this is backed completely by Sigma, I am anxious to follow this new cinematic journey, for I am certain it will be as fascinating, varied and often hilarious as the Hallam blog was, ergo today's entry.

Arriving in France our hero is met with a loopy experience on the train to the famous Clermont short film festival. Anyway I had such a chuckle over the fact that the always awesome Colin,on his way to get money for a film that has the word LOVE in it, has a loopy serenade to start things off with a musical bang, or in this case...squeeze wheee! :)

I love random light and silly posts mixed in with the more intelligent insightful things, the slice of life posts and events that give not just an insight but a means that the reader can actually relate to experiences such as the one they had in France.

Speaking of musical events on the subways, while I suppose you would only find an accordion serenade in France lol -figures- I was reminded of one true story involving one of my favorite musicians. I make no secret of my great love of both pop music and classical, and I adore the work of Joshua Bell (no relation to Jamie I do not believe) Joshua is considered a violin virtuoso, one of my country's true musical standouts at the moment. Last year, he undertook a very thought provoking experiment (detailed in this fine piece in the wonderful Washington Post) and shared his talents with the a random musician just playing in the subways of DC. Armed with an extraordinary talent and musical equipment (a Stradivari valued at 3.5 MILLION ) he played in the Metro and earned about 59 dollars. The mind boggles.

Bonus video of lovely metro music from Mr. Bell


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  2. Hi SOSF - interesting blog. I noticed that you've linked to me twice - this is Anna of V Writer. Thanks for the recognition - very much appreciated.

    We seem to share an interest in some films - I'll be back.

  3. Hi Anna
    Wow, great honor indeed. Your blog is very well written and I read it daily. I agree on the taste in films, and look forward to speaking with you more in the future. Thanks so much for commenting, my first :) Cheers!