Thursday, January 31, 2008

Go SXSW Young Hallam Foe

Some good news today on the Mister Foe (aka the real Hallam Foe) front, as the movie is due to screen at the very hip South by Southwest Festival and Conference. Not sure of the airdate/ticket availabilty, but what I do know that is that films are screening March 7-15 which is the week of my birthday! Not sure (in fact rather dubious) anyone from Sigma or the principals will be there, but if so, Houston is a lovely place (and warm!) to visit and completely worth a trip to the festival. This festival has a reputation of being cool and eclectic, with loads of new technology and other issues the subject of panels and such, which alone makes it worth the trip.

I do know that "Trout" a short film produced by Anna Duffield of Sigma Films and Tartan Shorts screened last year at both Sundance and SXSW so maybe someone will be there this year. I caught Trout last year on the Sundance short film channel, however its no longer online, although it was said to be on iTunes but beats me as I cant find it alas. There is a short video interview with the director Johnny Barrington I watched via IndieFilmNation, and the trailer (sex, nudity) for Trout here and is hilarious. Daft as I am, I cant but help and chuckle over the frequent use of the f-bomb (what IS it about the Scots lol). It reminds me so much of a hilarious skit by the uber talented Robin Williams and his crude but hysterical rift on Scotland and golf (I actually saw this concert as a belated birthday gift lol) Bonus video below because it makes me laugh, and as someone who speaks Southernese I know all about teasing and joking about people with accents...y'all ;)

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