Monday, January 28, 2008

Back Cover of "Hallam Foe" DVD

Just a week to go before the lucky folks in the UK will see the release of the Hallam Foe DVD. I expect there will be a a few mentions in the weekend papers promoting the release of the DVD on February 4, so I am hopeful we will be hearing news from Jamie, David et all.

Trumpeting it as a "darkly comic masterpiece," the Film Factory DVD page on Hallam also mentions the bonus material. I personally am very excited to hear the director's commentary, as they are the best part to me. Yes I ADORE Colin's podcasts which really gave some wonderful background footage and fun interviews-"Cleanser, I can't find my cleanser!" Hilarious. These were also apparently 'exclusive featurettes' on Total Film, which is cool cause many people read that site, but I never knew that until now and am uncertain why this wasn't posted about to help draw attention to the film 0_0

All of that is well and good, but I especially appreciate hearing first hand the thoughts of the director about his work, and most anticipate hearing David's thoughts about his movie. The thing I've so enjoyed is during the initial part of the Get Your People blog we followed along first hand with the filming, which was just wonderful, but I always wanted to hear more from David (not that I didnt appreciate the random Jamie/Hallam posts which were terrific and another unique feature about this movie and the journey with Hallam Foe). While it would have such fun to hear Jamie and the rest of the cast during the commentary, David Mackenzie has such an intriguing perspective on things that I hope we hear more from him on shooting for things in the clock tower, Hallam playing Spiderboy in Edinburgh, or even the tree house scenes (although his video here, and his personal cellphone photos from the blog are very cool!)

Speaking of the Hallam Foe DVD, I stumbled over the back cover, which is the first time I think I've seen this. I haven't pre-ordered it yet, as I was uncertain with the region 1/2 barrier issues involving the dvd player, but thanks to Ted I think I've solved that problem! While I really wanted to wait for the US one, I think I may break down and order this week, cause I don't want to wait till march or june or july to see the film again...

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