Sunday, January 20, 2008

David Mackenzie, Wherefore Art Thou?

As it's Sundance week, and the media is currently enthralled with the slew of indy and semi- independent films ready to be hyped and released this year, it's sad that there is no news of a new film from my favorite David Mackenzie. Yes I know the last we heard via Colin's blog is that David has been off circling the globe promoting HF at various film festivals (which we still dont know how it did -hint hint colin!) but an update on Mr. Mackenzie would be great

So while there is nothing definitive at this point, there are the various rumors and reports of projects in the works, which we saw in a few articles around the UK release of Hallam Foe (due on DVD Feb 4). Last word he was either in the wild west of the highlands, singing the Nico blues, trying to find humor in the horror of Somalia, or perhaps making another kinky sex film about couples who swing in Scotland, although all of these seem dubious at the moment. I had to chuckle at the latest random bit of news, this coming from the Independent which claims David is in the lead for directing a film with Emily Mortimer, who appeared in Young Adam, and who has apparently written the screenplay for this movie. While I think Ms Mortimer is a talented person, lets hope this film has less flinging of condiments and more joy. David was able to show his deftness and skill with comedy all within a more serious film in manner that was really quite well done; I believe he can do this more and fervently hope his next movie will continue to showcase his talents in this area better. Please Hollywood and the powers that be, pay attention to the unique and talented voices coming out of Scotland and Sigma!

On a related note, the whirl- a -US- release- date-game of Hallam Foe continues today, as not only is there word of a possible May date, but also Coming soon says June, with Aol saying July! good fffing grief. I continue to be appalled and dismayed by the lack of clear promotion and information on the release of this very fine film here in the States via Magnolia, and fear that the momentum for this movie to achieve widespread box office success (not to mention getting screwed and overlooked by the various award shows) is all but lost. Perhaps not, but I still remain baffled over all of this, and hope that in the coming days once they release the Misterfoe website, things will change course.

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