Thursday, January 24, 2008

Entire Score Listing for Hallam Foe

Aha found it: Entire list of Musical tracks used in Hallam Foe

"Salvese Quien Pueda" by Juana Molina
"Track of the Cat" by Pram
"Blue Boy" by Orange Juice
"I hope that you get you want " by Woodbine
"El Progresso" by Juana Molina
"They Removed All Traces" by Hood
"First Thing in the Morning" by Ganger
"Parks" by Four Tet
"Royally Used" by Sons & Daughters
"The Someone Else" by King Creosote
"Lines Low to Frozen Ground" by Hood
"Also in White"by Bill Wells
"They Shoot Horse Don't They?" by Quickspace
"Here On My Own" by U.N.P.O.C.
"Broken Bones" by Sons & Daughters
"King Bubbles" by King Creosote
"Tender to the Blues" by James Yorkston and the Athletes
"Yoga" by the Pastels
"Double Shadow" by Junior Boys
"If you could read your Mind" by Clinic
"Battle at the Gates of Dub by Future Pilot AKA
"If No Hope" Stewart Anderson and Nicola Hodgkinson
"Surf Song" by James Yorkston and the Athletes
"They Nicknamed Me Evil" by Cinema
"Your Door is Closed" by Stewart Anderson and Nicola Hodgkinson
"Let Night In" by Movietone
"Tricycle" by Psapp
"Boa vs Python" by Test Icicles
"Ocean Song" by Movietone
"Eating Spiders" by Psapp
"Hallam Foe Dandelion Blow" by Franz Ferdinand

BONUS Video: Opening Titles of Movie, Artwork by David Shrigley

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