Friday, January 25, 2008

Wanna live like the Family Foe?

One of my favorite parts of movies these days is being able to learn more about the locations used for filming. Perhaps its a testament to my engineer/geography freak/NASA- influenced father, but I long have been fascinated by this aspect of movie making, thinking I should volunteer to be a location scout or a tour guide or something. I also think its cool (if not overtly mercenary) that the various tourist boards are paying attention to the public's fascination in this department; the UK tourist website in particular are keen on promoting these various tours, and why not? Ive gone on one before, and although reluctant to do the sheer tourist thing, some of the places in Scotland in particular really appeal to me. However my long held dream is to visit Scotland, and intend on making several trips there this year . Because Ive been so fascinated with this country, I also loved to see what critics called a love letter to Edinburgh, the footage and many of the settings in Hallam Foe. On the official blog, one thing I truly appreciated was the effort made to note where the various shoots were taking place. I craved all these tiny tidbits of information, and readily looked up places (although outside Edinburg) like Chanby house and especially the Caledonia
(and Balmoral) hotels in Edinburgh and frevently hope one day to go there. Anyway, today I was surfing around looking for another matter, when I stumbled on a place for sale that seemed very familiar. As noted via this entry, the Wyndales was the setting for a dinner scene (perhaps this one as seen in this clip via iTunes?) Now you too can live just like the Family Foe, and purchase this 14 bedroom home that '' offers in excess of £825,000."
LOLOLOL yes I will get right on that.

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