Thursday, February 21, 2008

Idiot Fangirl Strikes Again!

I'm feeling quite the ass yet again as I had another ooops I did it again fangirl moment yesterday, and posted yet another twee and simpering comment that I wish I could delete. It wasn't offensive (I hope!) or anything, yet once again, I sat and typed things without thinking as I have many times before, only later to discover I seem like I'm 16 again without a brain in my head at all.

It's weird for me, reading the various blogs of Sigma Films, that there are all these references to people and places and things that mean a huge amount to people like me hundreds and thousands miles away. Posting about things like this probably don't even register to those that make them, just how cool stuff like this really is. As usual I react with my heart and emotional and not even thinking and ergo resulting blithering who cares comments. Man I wish I was able to not show any emotion or react like such a cheerleader. I mean Im a professional person, and I like to think(sorta) respected in other ventures, but here I act like a complete moron-gah brain freezes suck! Then later as happened before i go re-read posts like this most recent one on the I Love Luci blog, and I think now why the fuck do I even bother try communicating with him or them at wll? These people are clearly in a whole (higher, cooler much more interesting) league than me, what the hell could i say or offer that is any way shape or form interesting...I swear in moments like this, I want to delete this blog and never comment over there again. *hugely embarrassed, bangs stupid idiot fangirl head on the wall* :(

Anyway, before he makes Luci, Colin is taking on a new project by making a music video with an upcoming pop group out of the amazing musical scene in Glasgow called We are The Physics. This group is a bit too Devo-esque for me, although I quite like 2 of the songs Ive heard, but not too keen on the tune hes making the video for. Im not sure how one has much of a script for these things, but sure as heck I'm not a professional filmmaker either. The video below is an example what he's working with, so this will be interesting to learn if for example, do they actually storyboard things like, ear shot, close up of smiling mouth, another ear shot etc etc lol...

What really got me going though was the credit to someone at the bottom of the post. Now I am a HUGE SNOW PATROL fan, and have long loved this offshoot group called The Reindeer Section. This person he thanked was Gill Mills, and she was part of this group. I also remembered her from having DJ'd on the BBC although now I usually listen to XFM Scotland but will still give the various BBC radios and Virgin radio a listen now and then. I attempted to DJ in college before going into cable news, and I know a fair bit about podcasting, so I appreciate the efforts this person is undertaking, striking out on her own with this iCast. What flips me out about all of this is the sinking realization of all the amazing cool influential people Colin hangs with. I suppose they have no idea how awesome this seems to those removed from the situation but it was another cool (and incredibly humbling)thing I learned.

Speaking of making videos, anyone and his uncle can make music videos today, as witnessed of course by YouTube. Here is a video of a slightly weird but fun music video set to one of my favorite Reindeer Section songs.

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