Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sexy "Spread" Time

Although I'm certain in the future the tabs will have a tacky field day with the title "Spread," word is getting out regarding the new David Mackenzie film, as its being described now as a "sexy comedy." Variety cites "I am exceptionally excited to be shooting in Hollywood, but with an outsider's eye," MacKenzie said. Heh yea, well I am just glad that he is going to be filming here in the States. I swear I wanted to mail and beg him to be a runner or something on the film, but one less wacko around him the better I guess, so I didnt. With principal photography to start start like Feb 25 or something, I was really hopeful that may be he will get over to Texas in March for the US premiere of Mister (Hallam) Foe at SWSX, but probably not. I figured it might be the only chance I would get to meet him, just once to shake his hand or something but dunno if I should go at this point.

I had to chuckle of course, because I was talking about this new film with one of my film friends, and he was like what IS IT with Mackenzie and sex?lol. True enough, you can argue that sex is certainly a backdrop in David's films, and often serve as a catalyst for the drama, but I don't think they are the entire basis of the films, in fact rather just enhance some of what he is trying to show in these movies. He's stated before he intrigued by the character, the outside, and often the sex turns out to be used as a weapon -such as Alastair in Hallam Foe-that last scene with him and Kate, he USED her to try and humiliate Hallam, and actually was not some sort of erotic passion filled encounter. You can argue the same in Asylum-sure they first encounters with Natasha Richardson's character and Marton Csokas showed their mad lust, but it was the passionate relationship that lead to the tragic downfall, and true enough it was an incredibly depressing film, it was more heartbreaking because of the death of the child imo than a love lost (and general wacko turn of events and incredibly depressing ending-not my favorite of David's work at all, despite some great actors, and scenery)

Sure, every one of his films have had candid sex scenes but that is just part of life and I would rather have a film with a few of those scenes, than films filled with violence. (I say candid-not Porn!- because that is how people have sex, although its been way too long for me I doubt if I remember how lol and no I've never once had any inclination to fling products from the frig on to a lover, I guess that makes me a prude lol) Anyway, I am certain the papers will all hype this as Ashton Kutcher goes Basic Instinct, or some sort of drivel. I am keen to find out more about the sexy comedy part, because David clearly exhibited his skill in creating a funny, sexy and original movie in Hallam, lets hope it continues with "Spread." Sexy time :)

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