Thursday, February 21, 2008

Jump and Kiss the Sky with Jamie Bell

This has nothing to do with Sigma Films per say, but I quite enjoy Mr. Jamie Bell (and yes he has been in two Sigma films of course, Hallam Foe and Dear Wendy). There has been a slew of new interviews and photos of him online of late, and while reading the Evening Standard Magazine online, I couldn't help but think in this new photo he looks (while handsome) like a young Ralph Fiennes...or maybe not. Anway, Jamie has a new film out I just saw the other day called Jumper. Despite taking the top spot at the box office over the weekend it got just horrible reviews, all except for him which most are saying is the high point of the film. The Times: "Thank goodness for Jamie Bell, playing Griffin, jumper-turned-hunter of the Paladins, a gobby little northerner waging his own private war against his persecutors. Griffin is perfectly happy to drag a double-decker bus through the ether to use as a weapon and he's by far the most entertaining character in the film." I couldnt agree more. It's so cool that he's in another high profile film, and I had SUCH hopes for this ( I mean it even had Samuel Snakes on a Plane cool mofo Jackson!) but eh...such a disappointment overall.

I was talking to some people who work on other movie sites, and as mentioned on the very cool Jamie also did voice work for his character in the Jumper video game."It's flattering that someone has seen my character and wanted to make it into a video game," Jamie said about his participation. "Griffin is a unique character and I think if people respond to the movie they'll love the game." Now, I love video games (although my little boy is ten times the better player than I ever will be lolol) and we just got a PS3 for Christmas, but not sure if I will break down and get the Jumper game. I did have quite a laugh when watching this video interview with Jamie as he described Griffin as the JACK SPARROW of the jumper world. YES!!! *loves jamie*

Because I'm so weird, while I was watching that film, I couldn't help but think during some of the well done visual effects high action moments though, of Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix...scuse me while I kiss the sky. Man I wish I could jump like that once!

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