Monday, February 18, 2008

Score a Soundtrack of Sigma

So I have been seriously weighing whether to go to SWSX to catch the US Premiere of Mister (Hallam) Foe, as I saw it's now scheduled to open March 13. Then, as I was surfing around on the website, to my great delight I saw that not only is Van Morrison playing on my birthday, but even better Sons & Daughters are playing the event as well as part of a Domino Records thing! I couldn't believe it.

One of the great delights I've found in reading the getyourpeople blog has been all the references to music. While Colin is modest about his own musical talent , he has a clear love of music as do all at Sigma it would seem. Colin played on a few of his movies for the always awesome Hugh Macleod of Gaping Void and his fun big Love tour for Stormhoek wine last year..which was actually about at this time lol. Side note: I just went and more of this wine, which I've grown to truly enjoy after last year I wrote the fine people at Stormhoek, and they took time out to help me, just one lone customer, track down wine near where I live in the States... absolutely superb customer friendly and a true class act they are!

Anyway, I most appreciate that over the last year or so, there are always new posts now and then saying check this band out. Not being hip to all the goings on in Glasgow (I think one of my most favorite bands, the wonderful Snow Patrol , calls Glasgow home) its been really cool frankly to give these groups a listen, and even better see just how many great groups are coming out of that part of Scotland.Thats how I found out about Sons & Daughters, which I now just love-freak I know but word of mouth (or blog) in this case worked I guess

As soundtracks are so vital anymore in contributing to the bottom line financial success of films, (yes they are I mean, how many people say-when does the soundtrack come out? loads!) I am wondering if DM will continue to use indy music in his next movie. I love soundtracks to be honest and they help capture my attention sometimes to movies I wouldnt have otherwise seen. Perhaps its the frustrated musician in me, but I own countless soundtracks anymore than many pop cds personally and think that some scores are an art form themselves. Now its weird given Sigma has a bit of the Dogme thing happening in their movies as I thought that music wasn't to be a key factor, but honestly their films have usually had some frankly WONDERFUL music, including David Byrne on Young Adam, most especially the soundtrack for Hallam Foe which was just aces. I just hope David has some cool tracks for the upcoming "Spread." Not sure how much influence he will have over Ashton and the other production companies involved (I gather Sigma isnt involved in this too much if at all,) but there is always hope.

Bonus Video: I had to chuckle over the irony that Control, the film about Joy Division often beat out Hallam unfortunately at some of the awards, when at the end of Sigma's Red Road, is one of the loveliest (and melancholy) covers of a song I've ever heard.

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