Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hallam Foe and Hobbes, Weirdos from Planet Scotland

Huzzah! I've found my favorite review of Hallam Foe to date I think, but not because its great writing or anything, rather it says what I suspected all along: Hallam Foe=Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes, my all time most favorite cartoon!Talk about weirdos from Planet Scotland...Wheee!

Mister Foe

[GREAT BRITAIN] Evoking a grown-up—and supremely disturbed—version of Hobbes’ comic-strip pal Calvin, Hallam Foe (Jamie Bell) is a truly unique creation. Obsessed with his mother’s death, Hallam spends his days in a tree house, spying on neighbors. But at the prodding of his wicked stepmother, Hallam heads to Edinburgh in a bid to grow up—only to all but stalk a hottie who bears a resemblance to mum. Voyeuristic and oedipal, David Mackenzie’s oddball film is also lighthearted and surprisingly romantic, with Bell giving a charismatic turn as the troubled man-boy. AP KRYZA. WH, 8:45 pm Thursday, Feb. 14. BW, 3:30 pm Saturday, Feb. 16.

Not going to even get into the fact that the film is screening in the States YET AGAIN before the US premiere at SWSX in March lol.*gives up on hope for a proper roll out*

Side note: While I strongly suspect David Mackenzie and his brother Alistair Mackenzie (Monarch of the Glen fame) were quite the handful when they were little,
the one who I think is probably most closely like a Calvin all grown up is COLIN


Besides being drop dead gorgeous and drown worthy blue in color, look at his eyes... the expression is nothing but pure trouble, just like Calvin...yep! :)))

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