Thursday, February 24, 2011

Video Interviews: David Mackenzie on You Instead Plus Another on Ewan McGregor and Perfect Sense

While some may welcome the brevity of this post its the best I can do for now (sorry was in an accident recently and while not broken thank god, Ive learned dislocating a shoulder ranks up there with root canal gah); hence the lack of lengthy posts when there's been so much. Right then, please check out TWO new VIDEO interviews with Sigma's own, director David Mackenzie, now online at STV, yay!

1) AT THIS LINK, David discusses working with Ewan McGregor and making of "Perfect Sense"

2 Filmed on what looks like the main stage at Film City Glasgow, director David Mackenzie discusses his newest film YOU INSTEAD and the making of the film at T in the Park last summer (LINK HERE) You Instead premieres TONIGHT IN GLASGOW.

RADIO INTERVIEW w/2 NEW CLIPS FROM YOU INSTEAD (including very fun one with Mathew Baynton and Gavin Mitchell, plus Luke Treadaway and always fun Nat!) can be heard here during yesterday's BBC Movie Cafe courtesy of Janice Forsyth (what a great voice she has for radio)

LOVE YOU DAVID, can't get enough of these interviews (another healing tonic have to say:) Sending many good thoughts for all at Team Sigma, cast and crew for the premiere of You Instead tonight at Glasgow Film Festival! xxxxx

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