Friday, February 18, 2011

Stone Cold Sober or Suitably Fired Up: More Interviews for You Instead

Crank it up!...or at least the press well the coverage is really starting to begin in earnest for the premiere of David Mackenzie's You Instead :D has a detailed new interview now online with David, where we learn more about the bands that we will hear in the film. It is also confirmed that the two stars, both with fine musical talent indeed, wrote and contributed two pieces for the film which premieres ONE WEEK FROM TODAY at the Glasgow Film Festival. The interview, while longish WELL WORTH THE READ can be found here; quotes of interest as follows:

On the new bands in the film shot at the T in the Park festival last summer in Scotland:

DM: We have quite a few bands … We got Paolo Nutini, Newton Faulkner … Biffy Clyro are the first ones in there, they’re great; Proclaimers, and two or three others I can’t remember … Carl Cox, Calvin Harris – quite a selection. We also brought in Jo Mango, who we focus on in the centre of the film, who gives a really beautiful performance, and it’s really the epicentre of the movie. I brought Jo Mango along because I saw her play in Glasgow and I immediately fell in love with her music, and the rest was obviously a combo of who was available, who was willing, and so on.

List: It’s screening at the Glasgow Film Festival – did it seem important to have it screen there, particularly?

DM: Well, yeah, as it’s a Scottish audience, it’s their festival, but the really important thing for us is that the film is out at the cinemas before the festival season starts this year so it’s still fresh. We want people to go and see it to get them in the mood for going out to a festival. Even for me, having watched it and been involved in making it, and editing for some time, it makes me want to go out to a music festival. If that’s what it does for people, that’s a great thing. We just wanted to get it out as soon as possible – the previous film I made is actually probably going to be out later than that, just down to the way the timing worked out. It’d be a shame if it came out later in the year, if the whole festival season had already been and gone.

List: How difficult was it corralling extras?

DM: We went a day early – you know how the campsite opens on the Thursday – and we had hoped that we would be able to get about 1500 people to be in the background of one of our stage shots, but we arrived slightly late and so our scheduling was off – there was another good show on at the same time, so everybody just wandered off. We had about 50 of our own extras that really loyally stayed with the film all the way through. They’re heavily featured now … We just had to go with the backgrounds that were there. For a fairly low budget movie, we ended up getting some pretty big production values – we’ve got 90 000 extras and quite a lot of great festival texture that’s all built in. That’s one of the great things about shooting in live locations. The not so great thing is that you have no control over that, and so there are plenty people having a good time and not really caring about us.

Can't wait!

Side note: They've just removed the thousands of viewed youtube footage of Luke Treadaway singing You Instead from the film alas alas lol (why??sorry but I downloaded that baby months ago lolz aw well), but rumor has it that if you go to the official You Instead Facebook and sign up for stickybit (free) app from iTunes, you can hear him sing a bit of the song. :) Hopefully more new soundclips AND A TRAILER will be out soon!

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