Monday, February 7, 2011

Not Me You Instead Says He of Halfs

Gah, but I love words and writers. wish I was a better one than I attempt at times to be, certainly better than I do here (talk about wordy ;), but boy there is nothing quite like the written word to get my attention. If you pay attention enough to Sigma, you know like many of their fellow Scots, they love the written word as well-shows in their dialogues, the folks they work with and so forth. Case in point: the author of the newest film from David Mackenzie-author Thomas Leveritt.

Honestly, had to chuckle when looking for more information about the award winning author of Exchange Rate of Love and Money as there was a bunch of "half this half that half american half british half half half... :D From what I know about You Instead, its definitely a film of halfs-two opposities brought together man woman opposing bands etc. While we've yet to see a trailer for the film, it might be of interest to learn a bit more about one of the minds behind this film, and you can learn more from his official Simon & Schuster page, in the video below, and on his website for his artwork (yes he has some cool photos too but note he's half-author half painter ;D) check it out!
ps be sure to follow him on his Twitter here, and check out the You Instead Facebook for a CONTESTS TO GO TO THE PREMIERE AND AFTERPARTY AT FILMCITY GLASGOW WITH THE CAST /CREW & SIGMA FILMS
* so so lucky*
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