Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Video: Jamie Sives, James Cosmo in HBO's "Game of Thrones"

Check it out: new video tonight of the upcoming HBO series Game of Thrones. Seen via the newly wed (yay!) and always awesome George RR Martin's Not a blog (thanks Westerosorg for the heads up!), this new video (below) contains new glimpses of Scotland's own Jamie Sives as Jory (along with Ned played by Sean Bean as they visit a brothel-nah seriously now, please go read the book and then watch the series, it's great stuff well worth it I assure you) Plus there is a new clip featuring frequent Sigma star and the ever fabulous James Cosmo as Old Bear, he looks terrific I can't wait for this series! Bonus: check out new video of Joseph Mawle, hecka good actor and Jamie S co-star who gave an excellent portrayal of Jesus in BBC's The Passion, really an amazing cast they've put together on every possible level.

Don't forget, the equally wonderful Kate Dickie will also appear in this series, which begins airing on HBO April 17!

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