Saturday, February 12, 2011

David Mackenzie to Direct "Stain on the Snow" (Updated)

For years now, literally, we've been hearing rumors about a possible project for David Mackenzie, and now according to Variety, it may well be coming to fruition. In a piece about super producer Malte Grunert who helped produce Perfect Sense and the forthcoming You Instead, the industry magazine reports that his brand new film company "will produce Mackenzie's next project, "Stain on the Snow."

The piece says about the new Amusement Park Films (Based in Hamburg and Berlin, Amusement will produce and co-produce local and international independent, commercial-leaning features budgeted at between €5 million and €10 million ($6.8 million and $13.5 million) and noted specifically (bolding mine)
Mackenzie's "Stain on the Snow," which he is also writing, is a dark postwar coming-of-age tale set in an unnamed country, based on Georges Simenon's novel.

UPDATE: Screen Daily now has a piece on this, confirming Sigma Films will indeed co-produce, with filming to take place on location in Germany (poss later this year, unclear at this point). Of interest:

Berlin/Hamburg-based producer Malte Grunert is to embark on a third collaboration with director David Mackenzie after being one of the producers on Perfect Sense and You Instead which have both screened at the EFM this week.

Through his company Amusement Park Films, Grunert is developing the adaptation of the Georges Simenon crime novel The Stain On The Snow for which Mackenzie is writing the screenplay and will direct. The Scottish director’s production outfit Sigma Films will co-produce the dark drama which has received development funding from UK Film Council and would be mainly shot at locations in Germany.

SOSF: I am uncertain of the status of several other Sigma productions, including Swung and the several David mentioned in his slew of interviews at Sundance, so we shall see if this gets made this year or next, stay tuned!

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