Monday, August 25, 2008

The Trifecta of S and Sigma Films News

The sweet news continues as the Scottish Screen filmsite comes through for me yet again (and yea Im probably the only non Scottish film person who reads that on a regular basis but my squirrelly loopy little fangirl's heart is really glad she did today!)

There is yet another huge feature online now, this promoting "Made in Scotland TV" Now while I am still pouring over this because there is soo much interesting stuff (note: I work in broadcast cable news, so I actually enjoy reading about all sorts of tv things, even to promote stuff) Right, so as Im sipping my coffee this am, what do I see but woohoo three new articles on yep, the trifecta of S and Film City Glasgow. Again, given the huge size of the original pdf file, I nabbed things of interest to me: Lovely feature on Film City Glasgow created by the impressive Gillian Berrie and home of Sigma Films (clearly my faves :P) Full article here on my flickr, with the interview a bit closer in part one and part 2.

Features on some of the major inhabitants at Film City Glasgow can be found here: Serious Facilities-feature on kick ass post production/editing here where they discuss the work on the new BBC drama "PAs", and general header of article here , and Savalas Sound, with an interview with Giles Lamb here (enjoyed this photo too, bet he had fun shooting that lol) BONUS: Thanks to those guys who update a lot, we know for sure Rounding up Donkeys is well into post production!

Finally, on the (sorta) Sigma Films news front, SS also has an update on a short film called "Dog Altogether" produced in part by Sigma and their producer Anna Duffield -who is a co producer with Gillian Berrie on the Advance Party/Red Road sequel from Morag McKinnon called "Rounding Up Donkeys" Dog Altogether is another short from the wonderful Paddy Considine, and will be screened with Somers Town when it shows in selected theaters this month in the UK. They describe the film as follows; "Dog Altogether is the story of Joseph (Peter Mullan), as a troubled man with a dead dog in his hands. After a momentary loss of self-control, he begins to realise his personality and lifestyle have a terrible impact on others and seized by this sudden illumination, he falls to pieces and takes refuge by hiding in a Christian charity shop."

Btw: Somers Town from Shane Meadows, also has a short appearance from one of my fave actresses, Katie Dickie. The trailer for this lovely Somers Town can be seen here via youtube.

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