Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sophia Myles to Promote Mister Foe on Craig Ferguson, Tickets Available for Sept 8th Show

So thanks to her major (and quite well done) fan site, there is word tonight that actress Sophia Myles is due to be a guest on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Show, Monday, September 8.

Now I checked into the site, and discovered that TICKETS TO THIS ARE FREE AND AVAILABLE, so if you are in the LA area and want to catch the live taping of the show with Sophia, you can do so by registering via this link. Available to people ages 17 years and up, you must arrive that day at 3:30pm. Yea it seems early but all of these shows make you get there early-there is a lot of standing in line, but fun chatting to everyone who is excited to see the show and such. I figure there will be a be a good demand (given there is are actually quite a lot of Moonlight fans). Anyway, good luck to all who try for these! Will keep an eye out to see if Jamie or others will be about to do press, not at all confident on that, but hope springs eternal (as witnessed by my refusal to give up and keep on with this blog lol) :)

ps- the other guest is actor Neil Patrick Harris, who is currently doing a great side gig on the Josh Whedon genuis/hilarious Dr. Horrible, which really is funny-this should be a good episode of Ferguson for sure!

*UPDATE: David Germain and the AP have now posted their annual fall movie preview. For those using google alerts, this means you will Mister foe pop up a bit more in the next day, as most papers/tv/websites world wide will carry the accompanying movie list, which includes MISTER FOE, described thusly: "MISTER FOE: A runaway Scottish teen (Jamie Bell) plays Peeping Tom, obsessing on a young woman who resembles his dead mother." David's main piece mentions just mentions Jamie Bell solely in context with the "Defiance" preview, and that film-thanks no doubt to mr. craig- looks like it will be getting loads of press in the coming months, so a plethora of new JB mentions/photos to look forward to for sure!


  1. The show is pre-recorded. So taping takes place somewhen in the afternoon, thus the early arrival date. Also as far as I know there's a press junket for Sophia and Jamie tomorrow, Aug 26.

  2. Hi Maria
    Yes that is why they have you get there so early, as most of the late night chat shows are pre-recorded anymore. I work in broadcast cable news, and we still do live audience programs once in a while, but with the talk shows, half the fun sometimes is to get there early and see all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on for sure, or at least that has been my experience. Thanks for stopping by and the reminder about the junket! :)