Monday, August 25, 2008

Alastair Mackenzie Talks "New Town Killers," New appearance in a TV series and More

Finally, a bit of joyful news for last: There is a new interview with Alastair Mackenzie now available where the actor discusses his role in the upcoming Richard Jobson film "New Town Killers" with Dougray Scott and more.

Found as part of the aforementioned Made in Scotland TV promotion from Scottish Screen, the new piece on Alastair has the header quote reading "I seem to have played a number of darker characters lately." Indeed! In the piece (full page here, yea completely, I totally fail at being able to work photoshop to make that more ledgible meh) Alastair discusses his past work in Reichenbach Falls, as well as news that he will be seen on a Canadian TV series called "Murdoch Mysteries" which he describes as a "detective story set in the Victorian era: kind of CSI 1890." LOL

Alastair also goes on to discuss his work in the upcoming "New Town Killers" film, where he says his character is the "moral barometer" of the story." Alastair notes this character though is quite dark, and offers high praise to the director Richard Jobson for his script which has done "a brilliant job of nailing those dark, nilhistic characters for whom human life has lost its value."

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