Friday, August 22, 2008

Mister Hallam Foe Opens in US, Pre-Order Soundtrack

What a long strange trip its been...years in the making, years of following the progress faithfully, almost daily for years, learning growing hoping and waiting- now, now at long last
Mister (Hallam) Foe OPENS TODAY IN THE US!

Screening today for the lucky down in Austin Texas, Mister Foe will be showing in a few locations here in the US. Not quite what I had hoped for of course (in fact pretty much a disappointment I wont be able to travel to one of the cities to see it -wont be in DC for a while and not in New York till end of next month, when Im sure it will be long gone-alas. Perhaps another road trip to Chicago again for it hmmm) Anyway, as of today, the official Mag pic site (and the mister foe mini-site) has ticket info up and the handful of theaters here in the US where you can actually watch this on the big screen over the next few weeks (and eerily the theaters are in places where the film screened earlier this year at various festivals I think too, not all but a few to be certain).

On Screen

Austin, TX: Dobie Theatre


Los Angeles, CA: The Landmark 12
New York, NY: Angelika Film Center (6)

San Francisco, CA: Embarcadero Center Cinema
Seattle, WA: Harvard Exit Theatre

Chicago, IL: Music Box
Cambridge, MA: Kendall Square Cinema

Philadelphia, PA: Ritz 5 Movies

Washington, DC: E Street Cinema
Gainesville, FL: Hippodrome - Gainesville

Wilkes-Barre, PA: FM Kirby Center for Performing Arts

If you are interested in the fabulous Mister Foe soundtrack, you can pre-order it here at BestBuy, or here via, and of course the ever reliable, plus Im thinking it might be on iTunes /the Domino site for download when its released here in the states on September 9.

Dear David Mackenzie
Thank you so so much for making this film. Thank you to all the great cast (Jamie Bell, Sophia Myles, Ciaran Hinds, Claire Forlani, Ewan Bremner, and of course Jamie Sives =much love and affection for them all for this film), thanks to the entire crew who worked so hard on the film, and fine folks at Sigma Films, to Peter Jinks for such a good novel (and screenplay) and most especially to Colin Kennedy for the writing the blog so faithfully and letting me and all us diehards who are still hanging on come along for this crazy wild and completely wonderful journey for the last several years now. I've grown so so fond of Hallam; very thrilled that he's finally made it here to our shores at last. Welcome Hallam Foe! Cheers and much affection, S

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