Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sweet Its Good to Be Back to New Behind the Scenes Footage of Jamie Sives and "Vahalla Rising"

errrm... hello?
Doubt by this point that anyone is still out there, given it's been nearly a month since I last updated here, alas. I truly regret I have been unable to post write or do much of anything meaningful in the blogosphere I guess, but Ive had a load of incredible adventures (Helge if you read this zomg the people I met at Comic Con oy! huge email due on that one, plus my panel was standing room only for the whole entire hour, flipped me out beyond words! even though I felt like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights and frozen half the time it went pretty well by the reaction and as stupid as it sounds, I love my fellow geeks-everyone was so nice and enthusiastic, just woah!), travels galore, then I was ill with some sort of freaky vertigo thing where I could only sit up for a short time, manage one bit of news , and then nearly pass out over and over all the time from constantly being so dizzy-I do not recommend this to anyone as it was frankly another level of hell that Dante surely must have missed. It could have been sheer exhaustion too I guess (coupled with the massive liters of alchol consumed nightly and only 2-3 hours of sleep on and off for several weeks straight lol), but mercifully that has all passed.

Anyway I am still surviving and what do I find the very day I manage to check all the alerts and mails-New behind the scenes footage of "Valhalla Rising" with Mads Mikkelsen and WOO Jamie Sives! Yes!
In this video seen here on the Ekstra Bladet TV website (also reposted on you can see Mads looking scary awesome with his one eye, and yes yes yes, I believe that was the wonderful Jamie Sives (Hallam Foe, Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself) roaming about, with ...wait for it.. a BEARD! lol My day is complete! No idea what they are saying of course, and eh those dreaded Midges must truly play havoc with filming-thank goodness they have those net things but blurg not my idea of fun to say the least. Anyway, a true treat to have this greet me tonight!

So I obviously misses a huge amount of other news while I was away that I am endeavoring to find out more on (ie Andrea Arnold is filming Fish Tank, Mister Hallam Foe continues to meander towards the comparatively feeble US opening day here etc, but more on this later), but I did read a few things of interest relating to Valhalla Rising besides the new footage.

First, the FilmCityGlasgow Facebook groups notes "Blind Eye Production are still have a core production crew here for 'Valhalla Rising' whilst the rest of their production crew are based up north in Invernessshire." More on FCG when I can get caught up, but Im so so grateful they continue to give updates like that for sure. There is a temporary lull in the action with Colin's GetYourPeople blog, and while Ive been away as well, my interest has not waned one bit (maybe they were hoping Id go away lol but southern women are notoriously stubborn and I flat out adore David and Colin and all things related to Sigma so this blog isnt going anywhere anytime soon)

So right, speaking of Invernesshire, The Press & Journal had an article a few weeks ago about the filming ongoin in the highlands, including the lovely Glen Affric area. Apparantly Forestry Commission Scotland has been working with the team, and one of the film's producers is mentioned. Quotage: Karen Smyth of La Belle Allee said: “We searched the whole of Scotland to find a place which could emulate Canada. It had to be a place with qualities of otherness that could not be found anywhere else and Glen Affric has this star quality.”

I learned about the filming and the Glen Affric area earlier of course, because of some kind soul named John Peet who is making a bike ride for charity by cycling 1500 miles around the UK, to raise awareness and funs for L'Arche, and mentioned it in his blog. Well Im thinking it was a friend of his named Thomas also very kindly left me a GREAT bit of news in the comment on an earlier post about this -THANK YOU SO MUCH THOMAS! His tip was about this wonderful and hilarious series of videos made by a production assistant on Valhalla Rising. Her You Tube channel is here, and these feature the clever and funny videos of a person named Saskia, and she flat out rocks. In addition to the behind the scenes and so not glamorous film work she and the crew are doing on this shoot, there are some really good glimpses of what is happening, the director Nicholas Winding Refn is in these things a LOT-very droll and funny too, and even Mads has shown up a few times (lol at the most recent one with the glaze on the rolls, him with his one eye and all, so funny. I really like this person's sense of humor and cool approach to these, and am truly thrilled to get to watch these)... next time PLEASE LETS DO MORE OF THESE FOR DAVID Mackenzie and please please Colin on Luci too..yea ok Im hopeless but there you go :)))))
Right, Im off to catch up on more sigma news, and hope to be able to post on a more regular basis again.

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  1. Hey I'm so glad you're back :) Can't wait for your long email

    I myself am not quite back yet though LOL - I'm kinda a little busy with filming, but the toughest part is finished, I believe.. let's hope at least.. I HATE the filming process you know, it sucks. I'm still not sure if something decent can come out of the whole project.. unfortunately, I had the worst actors on Earth... and I couldn't help it, I couldn't replace them... now I'm trying to figure out how to fix all they've ruined with their so-called "acting"... NO IDEA. I just started to LOVE Jamie Bell and RESPECT him enormously, cause he's such a great actor LMAO