Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Hot Men of Valhalla Rising


Gah I had been soo down, filing too many stories yesterday about plane crashes and other unspeakables, when poof! There is laughter and light and hot men lolol and best of all NEW JAMIE SIVES in the latest installment from the set of Nicholas Winding Refn's Valhalla Rising!

Yes! Cheers indeed to Saskia for making these (and esp for including Jamie-oh man, just hella great!)
ps- I still vote for Scottish men as being the hottest, but yea Mads is ok too :P

Ps-Speaking of Mads, The Daily Record has a new interview with him, where the star speaks about filming in the highlands of Scotland, and is very complementary of the cast and crew. Quotage: "Mads was full of praise for his young co-star, as well as for the cast and the crew from Scotland and Denmark.

"I have worked with the director Nicolas three times.

"We started out together so it's very natural for us and nice to do something again, but this is very different from the kind of things we've done before.

"I have filmed in Scotland before and there is a good cast here.

"Martin has been fantastic to work with. He is a natural talent, and is one in a million.

"He has the talent to do whatever he wants in acting. There are no limits and it's now up to him what he does."

Mads has loved the chance to see so so much of the Scottish countryside, which has included locations in Glen Affric in Invernessshire, Loch Lomondside and Ardnamurchan.

But he admits that the schedule of the 10-week shoot has been so hectic that he has been unable to do any sight-seeing."

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