Friday, November 19, 2010

New Photo of Jamie Sives Seen in Entertainment Weekly

Here it is, our first look at Jamie Sives as Jory Cassel from the upcoming HBO series Game of Thrones!

This photo of Jamie-sporting longer hair and a close cropped beard reminding me of one of the three musketeers types lol very medival and good looking I think!- is one of a larger photo (also showing that Bean fellow lol and other cast members. These photos all are part of an exclusive preview contained in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. RUN GO BUY IT NOW, it's a wonderful collection of photos (plus more online) previewing the new HBO series where Jamie plays the role of the valiant captain Jory Cassel. Im thrilled to say the least to see our Jamie featured at last in a MAJOR publication like EW, just yay! HBO told WIC and Westeros that they will be releasing High res pics soon; can't wait for that! Thank you EW and HBO!
(Photo credit Helen Sloan/HBO/EW for full article, please purchase the magazine and check out the additional ones online)
UPDATE: Ran from says Jamie is wearing a wig for his role as the good Cap'n. Hmm well he can wear his hair long (see the pic of him for the Triage premiere in Spain, and has naturally curly hair as we all know (love!!!) but ok I guess, and he still looks mighty fine to me :D


  1. Hooray! Didn't have to wait too long at all for this pic. Jamie as Jory - hooray!!!

    Thanks for the quick glimpse of it Sue, have managed to find a copy of the magazine scan on the net *whistles*

    Wig??? Hmmmm.... I don't think so at this glance as we have seen Jamie with longer hair, but when it is usually much more curly than this pic (*thud*). Given that we have seen other actors with wigs on in this production and you can definitely tell they are wigs as they seem to be ill-fitting wigs (Cersei and Dany) - I'm not totally sold on Jamie wearing a wig. A few hair extensions maybe?!?! :) LOL
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    Ah.... wig-gate continues!


    First the beards, now wigs heee!
    Jamie and hair :D

    It does seem possible that its a wig because all of those pics at the Moot and now the BIFA he's way short & curly. I wonder if it had something to do with the Bonny Boys possibly shooting soon??? Or that adventure to LA/Hollywood we heard about? No idea, but still BOOO to the wig. You are prob right its extensions BUT HE HAS SUCH LOVELY CURLY HAIR WHY HIDE IT ?? LOL if we ruled the world eh? ;)))


    Cheers Ollie, many thanks again for all these great comments; most esp for always being so loyal kind and taking the extra effort to comment and post when Ive been so rude and very slack in not responding on here!