Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jamie Sives: "Triage" Renamed "Shell Shock" for UK DVD Release

Good news for UK Jamie Sives fans! While there appears to be no theatrical release imminent, the UK will be seeing Danis Tanovic's "Triage" in the near future. Now renamed "Shell Shock" (with an 18 rating) the film will be released in the UK on DVD February 28, 2011 with pre-orders now available at and

If you've not yet had the chance (or ordered the DVD from the UK or elsewhere -its out now in many countries, recently France and in Germany next year too), I do recommend it, esp for the bonus INTERVIEW with Jamie (which I'd upload but know sure as shooting it'd get removed. HES SOOO gracious tho about his co-stars, esp Colin, and a bit funny too. Plus he looks so very handsome in his sunglasses (and makes a funny comment too but I dont want to spoil it for yall)

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