Thursday, November 4, 2010

It Makes Perfect Sense: Theres a Bright 2011 ahead for Sigma Films!

Even though its only November, there are a few pieces of news today that bring glad tidings of all the cool things in store for fans of Sigma in 2011!

First and foremost: the roll out of Morag Mckinnon's acclaimed "Donkeys" throughout Scotland continues, and as as special bonus contest, you can now show proof you've seen the latest installment in the Advance Party series from Sigma, and win a chance to attend the UK premiere of David Mackenzie's forthcoming "Perfect Sense" (and even mingle with stars Ewan McGregor and Eva Green!) HOW COOL IS THIS?! very! Be sure to check my post below (or click here) for the remaining screening dates, and as noted by ReelScotland, take a photo of your ticket stub, and do one of the following:
  • Logon to Facebook, tag the photograph as ‘Donkeys’ and ‘ReelScotland’ then post a shared link to all your friends on Facebook.
  • Tweet the photograph to @reelscotland
  • Or if you’re not a social networking fan, email the photograph to
...then cross your fingers! :) Without blabbing too much, I'm fairly certain Santa will be bringing us big news sooon on when Perfect Sense is launching and whatnot, so stay tuned! :) ho ho wheee!

Also Citadel is currently in early production phase now based at Film City Glasgow, with shooting due to start in a few weeks-more on that new film from producer Brian Coffey and director Ciaran Foy soon!

Sigma's own Colin Kennedy will be making his way to (a hopefully sunny and warm!) LA this weekend as his multi award-winning short film I LOVE LUCI is in competition at the AFI and will screen THIS WEEKEND, SUNDAY Nov 7 at 1:15
More info/tickets avail etc HERE.
Be sure to check out the Luci site here; Luci's official facebook page here.
If you are in the US/LA area and can attend, PLEASE DO for this film starring Colin Harris and Camila Rutherford is quite funny and lovely and you wont regret it! GO LUCI GO
Thoughts and love are with Colin this weekend!

While news has been errm erratic on this front *sigh*, Bankside films today (as seen in Screendaily) announced they have taken on David Mackenzie's other big new film due out next year too, now called "You Instead." I will have much much more on this soon, sorry thats the best I can do for now, but hang in there!

Finally, speaking of Bankside, Outcast (blogged about here previously and filmed in part in Scotland) will see a US release by the Indomina Group. No word when, but hopefully in 2011 too. Outcast stars the uber fantastic James Nesbitt, Kate Dickie (Donkeys, Red Road) and James Cosmo (kick-ass star of many many wonderful films including Sigma's current hit Donkeys).

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