Thursday, November 4, 2010

Close to the Heart: Jamie Sives and Charity to Learn About

Grief has a funny way of manifesting: silence, anger, laughter, tears, solitude, massive work, quiet loud, good, really bad darkness, can be slow to overcome, threaten to take you down or work its way out in unexpected manners. On this one year anniversary of the passing of my mother from ALS and dealing with another terminal illness in the family, it's been hard for me to want to look beyond my own self. However, there has been some light at the end of the tunnel, life is picking up somewhat, but sometimes, a reminder of others suffering and loss are what you need to help put things into perspective.

While actor Jamie Sives is one very busy man these days and we probably wont hear much from him in the near future, I was grateful to learn of a charity that is close to his heart and wanted to pass this along so maybe others can see what good can come out of loss. Sounds simplistic yes, and there are a whole host of good and deserving charities that deserve our attention and support, but perhaps you will consider this one-Eilidh Brown

Be warned though, for a beautiful bald-headed smiling face of a teenage girl who lost her battle against cancer will greet you when you click on that link. One smiling lovely face, full of joy and laughter and love, an image of a lovely light that is now gone far far too soon. I know we've all seen this same type of photo before (I know I have as a long time supporter of St Jude) and the words of her life and passing will touch your heart and still you might hesitate for the world is surely full of hurt and sorrow and pain. But please take time to read about the efforts of her family (her dad is actor Gordon Brown, who co-starred with Jamie Sives and Mads Mikkelsen in Valhalla Rising and w/Jamie in Sigma's Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself) and all friends from Stirling, Scotland the UK the world over who during this holiday season are efforting a memorial fund to help build a home for families to stay in to be near their loved one who is in treatment and battles this terrible terrible disease. You can hear more from Gordon and his wife here in this news story. Quotage:

We are not good at asking for things at the best of times, partly now because this is so close to us that rejection is hard to take. But we have this goal in sight. If people were to offer their help either through cash donations, donating items, or even their time and expertise we would be incredibly thankful.

“Our ultimate aim is to create a holiday home here in the Stirling area where young people and their families in similar situations can spend time together.

“But it’s not just about the holiday home, but also being able to provide them with everything they need while they are there, whether that’s a Playstation or a pass to a local tourist attraction.

“All our energy went into caring for Eilidh and her brother and sister over that period so we know the financial pressure that places on families. We don’t want these families to worry about any of that while they are here.”

Mum Nicole (37) added: “Eilidh was a wee darling. She was always more worried about everyone else than she ever was about herself, about how we were coping and especially her sister Hannah (12) and brother Lewis (10), who have gone through things themselves no child should ever experience...

We took so much when she was ill from a place called Calum’s Cabin, which is our inspiration for this.

“It’s easy for those of us who live in and around Stirling to forget what a picture postcard place it is. For other families – both here and from across the UK – who are going through difficult times, to get something from being here would be a great tribute to Eilidh.

“There’s lots to think about, and to be honest it’s pretty daunting and terrifying, but failure isn’t an option we can contemplate. For the people of Stirling to get behind this would be amazing.”

If you should like to help, you can do so via the website. Important: please note here is also to be a special memorial fund-raising concert held Sat 15 January 2011, 7:00PM - Tickets £25 at the Macroberts centre that will feature Billy Boyd (LoTr) and John Fratelli among others; more info here.

Thank you Jamie for passing along the info about this effort and as simplistic as it may seem, thanks for reminding me that to best heal a heart it is best served by helping others.


  1. Anniversaries are hard. Like ripping off a scab that had just started to heal. My condolences once again.

  2. Hi there!
    Dunno who you are but thanks very much-both for the lovely comment which was most appreciated! Also for taking time out to read and esp to comment-thanks indeed.

    Hoping though things will be much sunnier, and much more pleasant to read in the future.

    Hope most of all though, that folks will help out this wonderful charity!!

  3. Hey Sue
    A year has gone so fast. The first anniversary of a passing is very hard, but take comfort in the fact that her spirit is free and that there is no more pain or suffering to endure, only for those that are left behind.

    Glad to hear things are picking up for you too, it's about time!

    Thank you for bringing the Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund to our attention and that Jamie is a supporter of this charity. It is so tragic when that horrible C word takes a young life way too soon.