Thursday, November 18, 2010

Game of Thrones Preview in Entertainment Weekly!

It begins! Thanks so much to Entertainment Weekly, there are now ten new photos of HBO's most anticipated "Game of Thrones" series now online. Excellent photos have to say! These, a preview article and more are in the new issue due on newsstands tomorrow, woot!

FINGERS CROSSED we will see our first look at some of the fabulous Scottish actors part of this massive cast SOON, including long time friends of Sigma-the wonderful Jamie Sives (Jory Cassel), James Cosmo (Old Bear-Jeor) and Kate Dickie (Lysa Arran.) Unlikely they will be included this go around though, or maybe Jamie is in the background on one -high res please!- but we can always hope! Anyway BRING IT ALL ON!
THANKS SO MUCH to Entertainment Weekly for sending over the news! :)

No official airdate for GoT has been yet released, but UK viewers will see it for sure (Sky ) as well as the always fab HBO and more. I know that Amazon and more have a March 22 release date set for the re-issue of Game of Thrones w/the HBO cover , and the publishers note this book is due to be out in conjunction with the pilot episode, so roll on Spring 2011! :)

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  1. These new pics are absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to see this show (I hope I don't have to wait longer being down here! ;)

    Am desperately waiting to see a pic of Jamie as Jory!

    Have you read the books yet Sue? (or in the past!).

    Winter is coming.