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Sweet Summer of Sives Continues: New Projects and Reviews from the Pride

A celebration of the sweet summer of Jamie Sives continues here in fanland ;) with the slew of new interviews photos and reviews from The Pride. Also below you can find news of his future projects post pride, including a starring role in a new film A Very Unsettled Summer. Details to follow but first things first.

Thanks so much to the folks at the Sheffield Crucible Theatre for letting me know about their gorgeous production photos of The Pride available to all via Flickr. So many of a very handsome Jamie; suffice it to say that Scot on the rocks photo went instantly on my desktop. Enjoy~

Recap of the many 4 star reviews:
*The Guardian 4 stars
*WhatsonStage 4 stars and praises Jamie:
Jamie Sives is both chilling and desperately sad as her violently repressed husband and touchingly vulnerable as a man who today rejects the stereotype of gay promiscuity.
*The Telegraph
*The Stage
*Sheffield Telegraph (with an updated review now online) "Jamie Sives seems more comfortable as the present day Philip but that is in no small measure because his earlier counterpart is clearly so uncomfortable in himself. He’s a cold fish which makes his sudden eruption into violent sexual passion so shocking."

*Theatre director and blogger Paul Griffiths who wrote a wonderful (and in welsh!) review:
"Richard Wilson's production of raw honesty charmed me most, four actors who push beyond the words. There was fighting mental 'Philip' in 1958 which led to violence is very powerful, and performance of Jamie Sives is thrilling, especially in the Second Act when he tried medical treatment to be 'cured' of being gay."

*Blogger: Rev Stan who gets high marks for his knowledge and use of the seven degrees of Jamie Sives woooot LOL

There is also one graphic scene where, if you are sat to one side of the stage, you get more than your fair share of the view. But putting that to one side, I loved The Pride all over again and it was more than a match for the New York version.

I'm giving it five stars.


Jamie Sives is the source of a couple of connections. First he was in Get Him to the Greek which starred Russell Brand who played Trinculo in Julie Taymor's The Tempest in which Mr W played Ariel. And Mr Sives was also in Last Chance Harvey which starred Emma Thompson who played Mr W's mum in Brideshead Revisted."

Press: Jamie has done several bits of press for the play. While I believe there are a few more floating about, there was one released today from The Sheffield Telegraph worth reading AND EVEN MENTIONS SIGMA FILMS I LOVE YOU JAMIE SIVES :)))
Quotage of interest:

"Then he reflects: “I think I got spoiled,” referring to his Crucible debut. “It was a fantastic part in a great cast and the chance to work with Michael Grandage. Everyone came to see it. My second stage appearance was being directed by Richard Eyre at the Almeida. After those two I didn’t want to do anything else.

“Edward II kick started my career and led to a couple of telly jobs, so I have Sheffield to thank for that.”

Soon after he was taking the lead in a clutch of independent movies made in Scotland – Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself, One Last Chance, A Woman in Winter and Hallam Foe.“It was a short-lived period when Sigma Films and other producers were on a roll and got the funding to make all these films in Scotland,” says the actor who has nevertheless been based in London for the past 16 years.


“The attraction was doing a good play and to go one further – I have never played two characters in the space of a scene change before,” he says. “I have found it interesting and full of challenges.“I have known Richard Wilson for a long time and I was with Daniel Evans in To the Ends of the Earth and The Passion, hanging out together in Morocco.”

There was one slight reservation Sives had about taking on The Pride. “My best mate, JJ Feild, played the part at the Royal Court and was absolutely brilliant in it. I’ve tried not to think about that.” The Pride continues at the Crucible Studio until July 16."

Another one is a bit of press release I think, and reflects many of the comments heard earlier from Jamie, including right here on this blog. Be sure to check that one out here at this link.

Finally, there was this audio interview from several weeks ago. Please note: It is quite difficult to hear and despite Jamie's lovely accent, we really don't learn much in this very short clip, alas.
Jamies Sives, Philip from The Pride (mp3)

Follow up: As noted here previously, Jamie Sives will have a guest role in the series "New Tricks" Jamie filmed his guest spot earlier this year in February, and that episode will be part of a new season for the show, Season Eight due to return on BBC1 THIS MONTH JULY 4 IN 'OLD FOSSILS' in the role of Mark Slater.

At the conclusion of his turn on the Sheffield Stage, Jamie will head immediately to Romania and Sweden to begin filming on a new movie called "A Very Unsettled Summer." Directed by Romanian Anca Damian, Jamie will be in a lead role, starring alongside Maria Dinalescu and Kim Bodnia (Jamie notes that Kim is 'a Danish actor who worked alongside my good mate Mads Mikkelsen in 'The Pusher'.) The film is based on a short story by Phillip O Ceallaigh. EXCELLENT NEWS INDEED!
There is more news yet to come from Jamie, so stay tuned!

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