Thursday, June 30, 2011

Screen Daily: Colin Kennedy A Filmmaker Star of Tomorrow!

Already a major star in my book, Screen Daily has released their annual list of Stars of Tomorrow and includes someone very special to Sigma:


Author, blogger (the original get your people Hallam Foe production blog) artist, director, and man of many trades, Colin has served many roles while at Sigma, working on many many of their films in various capacity. Continuing well in the tradition of Sigma, Colin's work in short films has served him very well indeed, as his short film I Love Luci has won many awards from around the world. Next up, Colin Kennedy will be making his first feature length film with Sigma, called Atlantic Bridge. You can learn more about Colin here at the I Love Luci website, the Luci FB page , see his award winning music video on his YouTube channel, or read his profile on IMDB. CONGRATULATIONS COLIN! :)))

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