Thursday, June 30, 2011

Snapshot: Colin Kennedy and Team I Love Luci at EiFF

As many of you already saw that follow along on Twitter, was very glad indeed to see photos now online via Flickr of Sigma Films' own Colin Kennedy who took part in the Noika shorts panel series at the recent Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Pictured: Colin, James Lees, Sigma's own Brian Coffey they share their thoughts on their muli award-winning hit short film "I Love Luci" Colin let me know that the entire panel session was recorded by the folks at EiFF; for those like me who were unable to be there, am greatly hoping this video will be made available soon-updates to follow asap
BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE LUCI PAGE on Sigma website for a roundup of recent awards and more :)

(ps once again the fates are against me; broken three toes this time round causing the delay...clearly this was the year I should have never gotten out of bed bleh)

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