Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweet Sives Summer Ahead

This summer is proving to be a good one for actor Jamie Sives.

First this weekend, lucky fans in Australia will be able to catch Jamie in his best-actor award-winning role in the "Tremblay-en-France" short film when it screens at the Sydney Film Festival. Longtime reader and fan Ollie will be going woot; have a great time my friend!

Jamie has concluded his multi-episode turn as Jory Cassel in the hit HBO series "Game of Thrones," which will be continued to be rebroadcast on the cable channel (and those in US can catch repeats on HBOGO; not sure how long the UK Sky Atlantic will keep those on the player?) Fingers crossed will be getting the dvd soon after the series concludes (in serious ass fashion) in two weeks, but we can always hope. I have a ton of screencaps of Jamie from the show (some already on my flickr) but am hoping to launch a proper gallery here in the next few weeks; updates on that to follow accordingly. bTW how great has Kate Dickie as Lysa and James Cosmo as Old Bear been on the show? FANTASTIC! Same holds true for Iain Glen Perfect, simply ace in my book and same holds true for Richie Madden as Robb Stark! Wonderful! (Emmy surely must go to Peter Dinklage tho or Mark Addy and/or Sean Bean, top of their games they are/were) Anyway, hoping and pretty certain most of the Scots will all be back for season 2 (save Jamie alas booo lol) can't wait!

Finally and very important: You can see Jamie LIVE ON STAGE as he will be appearing in a production of "The Pride" Tickets for the show, which opens in just a few weeks on 23 June, ARE NOW AVAILABLE RIGHT HERE-go go go catch Jamie and see his versatility once again. Photos from the rehearsals can be found here on the Sheffield Theatre FB (play is at the Sheffield Crucible) IF ANYONE IS ATTENDING THE PLAY, please please feel free to write a review, leave a comment (anony are always welcome too) send in pics/ meetings with Jamie etc to and I will happily (and quite enviously ) post them if you'd like.


  1. Loved it, loved Jamie in it!!! Will write more later!



  2. sooo thrilled for you Ollie! WHAT A GREAT BIRTHDAY PRESENT (and seeing Jamie in Outcasts which aired in Aussie that weekend too) AWESOME! Cant wait to hear your thoughts! :)

  3. Sorry this is a bit late.

    The short film, Tremblay-en-France, was part of the Sydney Film Festival. I stumbled across the listing for it and I just had to attend to see Jamie! It only had 2 airings and I decided to take the day off work to see the second airing. My friend C also tagged along as she doesn't work Fridays at the moment due to her going through treatment for breast cancer, so we had a lovely girls day out in Sydney for my birthday (double bonus to see Jamie on that day!!!)

    Tremblay-en-France starts with Jamie on a train, at a pub, waiting outside a flat and then walking. Then some walking and walking, and then walking some more!

    The film centres on Jamie's character, James, trying to find a former flame somewhere in France after she moves from the address he had for her. James manages to get her new address, but has no idea where it is located and it is this theme that is the centre of the film.

    So James sets out through the night to find the new address. At times it is only James' face that is lit on the dark night - and the film is sometimes grainy in appearance which I felt was quite effective for the short film! James runs into many barriers on his journey with language being one of them. Being a French film, when Jamie's character spoke in English, they had French subtitles and when speaking French no English subtitles! As an Australian audience viewing the film and most of us having little to no French, we too at times felt James' anguish as he struggled to get directions with his limited French.

    Morning comes and James finally reaches his destination for his encounter to only be so brief. It felt like a bit of an anti climax after what James' endures to get there! He wanders off into the day tired and hungry.

    There are plenty of funny moments and also a few apprehensive scenes throughout the 20 minutes to give it 'light and shade'. The film doesn't contain a great deal of dialogue and it is this way that the film finishes. Expressions can say so many things! No wonder Jamie won best actor for this short film at the Jean Carmet Festival.

    I really enjoyed this short film and it was terrific to watch something that Jamie is in every scene! Would love to see it again and I hope I do get the opportunity to do so.

    The second, full feature, film shown was a very quirky Norwegian film called Happy Happy. For a session that started at 10am it was just about a sell out, so lots of people got to see Jamie.

    And as another bonus, the episode of Outcasts that Jamie appeared in as Leon aired the following night. Lots of Jamie goodness for me this birthday!!! :)))

    P.S Sue, just a heads up that there are 3 new pics of Jamie on his IMDB page!!! :)


  4. Hi Ollie!

    Thanks so much for writing up your thoughts on Tremblay! Here you thought you couldnt do it-yet nice job! :) The film is making the festival rounds, so fingers crossed more of his fans worldwide can have the experience you had-again it really was a great (welldeserved) bday present yay! x

    ps. those pics... I had to lol again when I saw those earlier! So wonderfully familiar and of course long ago previously posted here (such as the screencapture I made of Mark Addy from Wonderful Afterlife.) I have a load of much better captures from those DVDs I hope to post once I launch my galleries later this summer-in nice high res too! :) Am hopeful though we get newer ones from opening night of The Pride!