Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sigma Films Relaunches with New Website, Plus New Photo of Ewan McGregor & Eva Green in Perfect Sense

Check it out: Sigma Films of Glasgow, Scotland have relaunched their official website, now sporting a very lovely new redesign! Included are pages on some of their outstanding films, both short ones and the main features (more to be added soon, including ONE OF JAMIE SIVES IN WILBUR HINT HINT PLEASE ;P) as well as an official news page, Film City Glasgow section, associates and a contact/feedback page. Of note are a few new photos from David Mackenzie's forthcoming "Perfect Sense," including one new one of Ewan McGregor (shirtless!) & Eva Green, as well as a gorgeous high res photo of a similar one we saw earlier this year.
Stay tuned, for its all onward and upward for this great crew at Sigma!
Congratulations guys, nice work! :)

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