Monday, December 6, 2010

Comes a White Horse: Jamie Sives & Inside Game of Thrones Preview

Behold, the rider on a horse of white!

Jamie Sives as Jory, seen in the new "Inside the Game of Thrones" preview from HBO.
Now that I have proper power, sat. and internet again!!! oy (right in the middle of the thing too at the Mildred pierce commercial break gah couldnt believe it-how long till Spring?) here are some screencaps of the new preview I made last night before all went astray lol. Love the scar on Jamie and he looked great working with Sean Bean too!Video here at the making of site WHERE YOU CAN SEE AN ACTUAL CLIP OF JAMIE TALKING WITH SEAN BEAN or below, thanks to Movieweb :)

Be sure to check out Westeros who have very good screencaps of the whole thing including three HIGH RES ones of our Jamie (sooo great to see Joseph Mawle, Jamie's co-star in the Passion who is such a great actor). If you subscribe to the iTunes podcast as I do, dearly hoping the finer quality video of this will be up in a few days (or week), so hanging tight for that! Meanwhile, have to say am most impressed with this (Sean bean= excellent!), roll on April! :)

Finally, while a couple days old, sorry!, the ever wonderful Kate Dickie, gave a new interview to the Guardian, where she spoke of not only her role in the upcoming HBO series Game of Thrones, but also of her work on Sigma Films on Red Road and Donkeys.

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