Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Filming Through the Snow: "Citadel" on Location Video, More

While news has um frozen to a slow Icetrickle due to the tundra that has descended upon seemingly most of us in the northern part of the world lol, the hearty folk at Sigma Films continue on with filming for Ciaran Foy's "Citadel." Note that even Colin Kennedy has taken to sporting a staypuff production man look for the inclement weather lol LOVE HIm!. Weather is dreadful to be certain yet things progress onward even so as noted by and many thanks to crew member extraordinaire and props man Paul Lambie, we can now see some video he shot of the frozen location below:

Paul also tweets his harrowing adventures this past week, on location in various places like a Yokerhill hospital or a hilltop cemetery in Glasgow or and noted that even star James Cosmo got stuck in the snow (just like so so many of us all around the world it seems lol) Be sure to follow Paul here for more! You can also see some very cool location photos (mostly pre-blizzard bomb photos lol altho a few more recent) on the personal blog of the superb cameraman Tim Fleming who is shooting Citadel. good stuff indeed! Citadel continues through snow wind rain and hail for a few more weeks yet before off to Dublin and wrapping later this month.

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