Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Photos from Filming of Ciaran Foy's "Citadel"

Production is nearing an end on Sigma Film's newest effort CITADEL and luckily today we have some new photos to show you.

First, many thanks to Blinder Films who have released in glorious high res the photo we saw here earlier of star Aneurin Barnard in his role as Tommy for the new joint Sigma/Blinder Films production "Citadel." Excellent!

Then, again via the personal blog of DoP Tim Fleming we can see some additional and very dramatic shots of Aneurin Barnard from the film, from scenes that take place in the mysterious tunnel and facing those demon child hunters that threaten the main character. Top notch work; this film just looks to be fantastic, can't wait!

Finally, thanks as always to the hard working fantastic crew, Mr Fleming has also posted a pic of what seems to be the camera crew. Prop man Paul Lambie also has tweeted quite a bit during the production (including some great twitter photos you gotta check out yourself here), and noted they are currently over in Dublin for a few days on the film as well.

Citadel is due for release next year.

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